Music Department

catch me if you can: The musical

March 8 & 9, 2024 7:30pm

March 10, 2024 3:00pm

Ryan Moldenhauer, director
Chad Martin, conductor
Sarah Hafenstein, Penny Buska, music
Sue Weihert, accompanist
Beth Mueller, choreographer
Reid LaDew, sound engineer
Scot Meyer, lighting designer
Harry Buska, set construction
Laurie Klecker, Sue Moldenhauer, set decoration

*Tickets on sale to the public:

February 9, 2024 @ 10:00am cst

Catch Me If You Can follows the adventures of Frank Abagnale Jr., a suburban kid in the early 1960s who leaves home before graduating from high school and parlays a gift for telling tall tales and forging checks into an around-the-world spree. Doggedly pursued by FBI agent Carl Hanratty, Frank manages to pose as an airline pilot, an emergency room doctor and a lawyer, winning the heart of nurse Brenda Strong along the way! 

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The arts, especially music, enhance the quality of our lives by extending the boundaries of our thinking, providing an important means for self-expression and personal fulfillment.  Therefore, the school music program exists to inform, challenge, direct, enhance, and provide meaningful experiences, so that students may establish a solid and lifelong relationship with music.