General Music

Class Guitar

Learn to play the guitar! No experience required. Students will develop basic technique in multiple styles, learn to read and write three forms of music notation, and study the history of the instrument and its influence on music history. This course is designed for aspiring guitarists with little to no prior knowledge or skill.

AP Music Theory

Get to know the inner-workings behind music. In this AP level course, students will expand on their knowledge of music, going deeper into ideas of melody, harmony, form, and the structural elements within music. In addition, students will develop their overall musicianship through training their ears to recognize melodies and rhythm, and by singing melodic ideas.


Create your own music with this introductory music production course! In Soundscapes you will learn all of the ins and outs of music technology and production. Using professional grade music production software, you will craft your own beats, create full songs, compose melodies, and more. In addition, you will learn some of the technological components of music production such as microphones, recording, MIDI, audio effects, and mixing.

Advanced Soundscapes

Create your own music with this advanced music production course! Advanced Soundscapes is a continuation of Soundscapes, where you will dive deeper into the compositional elements of music production. In addition, you explore some of the other aspects of music production such as mashups, remixes, and sampling. Completion of Soundscapes is a prerequisite for taking this course.

School of Rock

Form a band and learn the history of popular music in this interactive music history course. Students will study the evolution of popular music from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Small rock bands will be formed as students learn to perform music from the historical periods they are studying. Teams will also learn about compositional elements within Rock and compose their own music with the class. Basic sound design and recording will also be covered to simulate real world experiences.